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Sorry, Tickets Are Not On Sale At The Time

Popular Question: What is the best ticket option for me if I am coming just for the show and I don’t want to tailgate?

Answer: We recommend the General Admission, or VIP Pit Pass if you are going to Uber/LYFT or simply park and not tailgate.

Section Definitions

General Admission Tailgate Sections

Designated sections of the grounds reserved for tailgating with vantage point of the stage though some areas may have limited or obstructed vantage points.

General Admission Standing Room

This is the section located directly behind the VIP Pit for GA Ticket holders who want to watch the show closer to the stage than the tailgate sections.


Designated section of the grounds with the absolute closest tailgating to the stage. Best, Closest and unobstructed views of the stage!

VIP Reserved Tailgate Lot

Designated sections of the grounds reserved for tailgating with closer vantage point of the stage than the GA Tailgate sections.

VIP Pit Area

This is the section located directly in front of the stage, closest to the performances and is standing room only like a traditional pit

Pool Platform

An exclusive area on the side of the stage that is an actual swimming pool where ticket holders can cool down with a beverage and watch their favorite performers (limited number available)


An intimate area with spectacular viewing of the stage as well as even more exclusive bars, bathrooms and performance area for special events and private performances.

Section Map

Tailgate Fest Section Map

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