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DJ Bad Ash

DJ Bad Ash

DJ Bad Ash is the first and only Female Country Music DJ to ever make a name. She travels the world playing all genres of music & mashups, opening for everyone from Luke Bryan to Cardi B to J. Balvin to Diplo, but she is a pioneer in the Country Music Festival market.


Bad Ash is a force to be reckoned with. Not only has she spun for the biggest names in the biz, been featured on several tv shows, radio stations, and had residencies throughout LA & Vegas, she is also an accomplished singer-songwriter. Singing at places like The Grammys, American Music Awards, Country Music Awards & Sundance Film Festival to name a few. She was named, “Nation’s Top 10 Singer-Songwriters” by Guitar Center in 2011. In her spare time, she fronts a Rock N Roll Burlesque Band called Concrete Kiss.


Bad Ash is an artist first and foremost. She creates a story with every DJ set, a musical journey incorporating singing and dancing. Check out her new Country-Dance single, “Rodeo” that she debuted at Stagecoach Festival. Available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music.

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