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Camping Rules



  • You must have a Tailgate Fest festival wristband and Campground wristband for access to the campgrounds. You can purchase your passes here.
  • Sites are first come, first serve.  No saving Spots.
    • RV spaces are 20X50
    • Tent spaces are 10×30
    • NO Car Camping is permitted.
    • All camping is Dry Camping
    • No Vehicle ins/outs.
  • The campsite is a short 5 minute walk.
  • Limit of one steering wheel per campsite.
    • If you are camping in a 5th Wheel/Airstream, the companion vehicle is required to stay with the 5th Wheel or in the event it doesn’t fit, a nearby lot designated for companion vehicles.  It may not be moved to the Tailgating lots.
    • Your space in the campsite is your tailgate spot.  The campsite is very close so you may walk to and from the stage and access the applicable areas respective to your wristband category throughout the day and night as long as you have the wristbands stated in item #1.
  • All vehicles are subject to search upon arrival, No Vehicle Re-Entry! Surrendered items are considered forfeited on entry. No items will be returned
  • Each patron must be 21 to drink alcohol within the campground area. If you enter the campground with beer or wine, your government issued ID will be checked to verify you are 21+ years of age. The San Bernadino County Sherriff’s Dept will frequently enter the campgrounds and ID campers drinking alcohol at random. If you are underage and are caught illegally consuming an alcoholic beverage, you run the risk of receiving a citation or even being arrested. Carry your government issued identification AT ALL TIMES.
  • Absolutely no car movement will be permitted unless you are leaving the event permanently outside of noted lockdown hours. Once your vehicles are in the campsite, they must remain their for the duration of the festival.  This is for your safety and the safety of your neighbors. If you need to leave early or unexpectedly, please let security know and they will safely guide you out of the campsite.  You will not be permitted back in. 
    • Vehicle lockdown will be from 9pm until approximately 2am while we allow pedestrians to exit the venue.  This is to ensure the safety of our guests.  Please be patient with our staff.
  • Resale of passes is prohibited.
  • Transferring passes is prohibited.
  • Passes must be displayed at all times.
  • NO Open Flame BBQ or Fire-Pits (Propane Ok)
  • Tent and awning stakes must be marked.
  • Severe Weather: This time of year could bring high winds and high heat.  Tailgate Fest is focused on the safety of its patrons, employees and service partners. As such, plan to bring plenty of water as It is imperative to stay hydrated all weekend long. Additionally, make sure tents are well staked and that face masks, bandanas and sunglasses are on your Tailgate Checklists.
  • Generators: Campsites are close together. When utilizing a generator, please be considerate of your neighbors. The quieter and more ventilated your generator is, the better. Please “pipe up” internal generators reducing noise and diverting exhaust fumes above the RV and away from your neighbor’s camping area. For free-standing generators, a “muffle box” can reduce noise and direct exhaust away from fellow campers. All generators are sole responsibility of their owners.
  • KEEP YOUR AREA CLEAN! Keep a trash receptacle in your camping area helps prevent accumulation, odors and helps create a pleasant camping environment. We offer curbside garbage pickup! Leave your trash-specific bags near the road by 10am Sat-Monday for collection.
  • Recycling: Tailgate Fest is highly focused on our environmental footprint and takes keeping our waste to a minimum. Let’s recycle all our beverage containers. Please leave your recycle-specific bags in a separate pile near the road by 10am Sat-Monday for collection.
  • Overnight Parking: Overnight parking is only permitted in the Campsite and only one steering wheel per spot.  Companion vehicles of 5th Wheel that don’t fit into it’s space will be parked at a  designated non-tailgating lot.
  • Fire lanes must remain open at all times.
  • No Bicycles
  • NO Charcoal grills
  • Sorry, no pets.
  • No fireworks, weapons of any kind, sky lanterns, candle balloons, large bonfires or pit fires.
  • No parking within 50 feet of water stations.
  • No vending without proper vendor permit.
  • Motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking, not at your campsite.
  • No semi-trailers, off road vehicles, ATVs or rental trucks allowed.
  • No private golf carts allowed.
  • No open pit or charcoal fires are permitted. Small camping stoves and small propane BBQ’s are permitted.
  • No water balloon launchers, spotlights, horseshoes, laser points, or other items that pose a danger to surrounding guests. Small kiddie or wading pools are allowed.
  • No unmanned aircrafts (drones/helicopters).
  • If you or members of your group are removed from the camping facilities by security for violation of any festival rule, vehicles may be removed at owner’s expense.
  • No glass is allowed within the campgrounds. Please pour/move all contents that are in a glass container into a plastic one before arriving.
  • No selling or buying drugs including marijuana and prescription drugs.
  • The venue/promoters are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen.  It is recommended that you do not bring valuable items and that anything valuable be locked in your campers or cars.
  • The venue/promoters are not responsible for stolen or damaged vehicles.  Overnight parking will not be allowed.  In the extenuating circumstance that a designated driver is not able to drive, the vehicle may be left overnight at the owners own risk.
  • All Campers must adhere to 1:30am NOISE CURFEW (Quiet Time Rules)
  • Included services in Campgrounds will include: Restrooms, Handwashing Stations, Water Refilling stations for water bottles only, trash/recycling collection, Food & Beverage vendors

The Following Items are NOT ALLOWED inside the campgrounds: (Prohibited Items)

  • ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS Containers of any size (this includes your alcohol containers)
  • NO drug paraphernalia or drugs
  • NO weapons or ammo of any kind
  • NO fireworks, paper lanterns or any type of explosives
  • NO metal tools including hammers, mallets etc.
  • NO metal tent stakes (plastic tent stakes allowed only)
  • NO animals will be allowed in the campgrounds. Entry will be denied.
  • NO fireworks, paper lanterns or any type of explosives
  • NO unauthorized vending of any kind is allowed.
  • NO drones (with or without cameras) or any unmanned flying vehicle
  • NO box trucks, cube trucks, utility type trailers, ATV’s, Golf Carts, Dirt Bikes, mopeds or other motorized vehicles will not be permitted on site.
  • NO open flame campfires of any kind will be permitted
  • NO amplified sound musical equipment
  • NO tiki torches
  • NO tanks of compressed air, helium, nitrous
  • NO balloons
  • NO hoverboards or motorized scooters
  • NO cameras with detachable lens
  • NO laser pointers
  • NO Spare Vehicle Batteries
  • NO Chains/Chain Wallets
  • NO dumbbells/kettlebells/weight plates
  • NO Golf Clubs
  • NO Promotional Items or wrapped vehicles
  • NO Spray Paint
  • NO Scissors, tools or sporting equipment (bats, clubs, sticks, metal)
  • NO Bicycles of any kind
  • NO gas cans (mobile fuel truck available)
  • NO Charcoal grills


The following items are ALLOWED inside the campgrounds: (APPROVED ITEMS)

  • Digital Cameras
  • Games/Giant Jenga/Corn Hole, etc
  • Glow Sticks
  • 2 cases of beer/ boxed wine per vehicle (No Glass)
  • Tent / sleeping bag
  • Inflatable furniture
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses/hat for shade
  • Plastic trash bags
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Acoustic musical equipment (No bongos after midnight!)
  • Rubber mallet for tent stakes
  • Portable electric or battery powered lantern or flashlight with extra batteries
  • A flag to identify your campsite (no metal but METAL)
  • A small luggage lock for your tent (please don’t bring any valuables – if you must, keep them locked in your vehicle out of view)
  • Ear plugs
  • First Aid Kit
  • A camera (professional cameras with detachable lenses are NOT allowed)
  • Water / Ice
  • Food / Coolers
  • Small propane cooking stove/propane grill (using propane containers of 16.4 oz or smaller)
  • Lawn chairs
  • Blankets

Tent Camping

Sites are 20’ x 10’

  • One vehicle per site allowed
  • Tent must fit within the same site as vehicle
  • Sites assigned in order of arrival.
  • No vehicle ins/outs.
  • Passenger cars, trucks or vans only

Tailgate Fest is the first festival of it’s kind and was designed to superserve the experience country music and tailgating.  This has made the festival an incredible amount of fun and our fans are some of the happiest and best moods we’ve seen at festivals.  Let’s all take care of each other and help each other out.  If someone is out of buns and you have some to spare make a swap for some ketchup or something.  Let’s have the greatest weekend of the summer and keep it cool.  It’s tailgating after-all!


We’re here to help.  Email us anytime for questions: [email protected]

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